Ana de Costa

Ana de Costa
Since graduating from Central St. Martins, London, in 2005, Ana has made a remarkable impact on the international  jewellery industry. In 2005, Carol Woolton, jewellery editor of British Vogue entered Ana into The list which was a definitive guide of key people to watch for the year ahead.
Ana is a true artist; the themes she selects are often spiritual and mystical based, and her collections form a narrative telling the story of her life. The house is a natural extension of Ana’s curiosity about spirituality, travel and culture. Evocative of spiritual themes, the jewellery is designed to trigger curiosity and inspire conversation. The decadence and glamour of the 1920’s and in particular the Art Nouveau movement is also a source of inspiration. The flowing sinuous lines are distinct to this period and Ana uses them to create a sense of space and movement in her pieces. This distinct way of selecting and presenting her inspirational themes, has become synonymous with Ana de Costa jewels.  In essence, her work is inspired by her lifestyle and her energetic personality.
At the core of the house are Ana’s key values. These are to use exceptional gemstones, to offer outstanding design and champion luxury British Craftsmanship. With these values in mind, Ana demonstrates a refreshing and challenging way of designing and creating fine jewellery. Her style has redefined the way fine jewellery is worn and perceived. She is happiest making exquisite one of a kind, ‘antiques of the future’ to be cherished, worn and handed down through generations.
No.1 Helmsley Place
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