BFC Policy


The BFC is committed to diversity, believing that the fashion industry is one of the most socially inclusive sectors in this country.

Supporting Models

The BFC brings together a working party comprising the AMA, model agency representatives, Equity and the Mayor of London’s office to develop an ongoing Model Programme. This panel looks at opportunities to help set industry standards. The BFC ensures that designers showing at LFW and LFWM supply food and soft drinks for models and workers backstage as part of their contract to show on schedule. All models walking at LFW must be at least 16 years of age. The BFC undertakes spot checks to ensure that these contractual obligations are adhered to.

The BFC provides The Model Zone during LFW and LFWM to act as an information point for models and a dedicated private space to relax with healthy food.


The BFC, Creative Skillset, Marks & Spencer, UKFT and DISC have scoped a study into high end luxury manufacturing which will be delivered Autumn 2014.